Due to quality control and product discontinuity, the Chinese factories with which we have commercial relations will have an accumulation of merchandise stock.

The stock accumulated in the storage spaces of the production companies, occupy spaces, not being profitable for the factory, depreciating. This type of merchandise is extremely attractive for some markets and companies that have their own specific distribution and sales channels, due to their price differences. Therefore, we offer our clients the facilities of having the information secured under the responsibility of HABK.

Client sectorization (HABK CLIENT)
  • We provide stock information from manufacturers in China of their inventory closeouts and end products, to help domestic HABK customers meet their procurement needs.


HABK is a business service company and does not carry out any production operations. The content of our service is to help our clients to have better advantages and perfect security in commercial contracting. In the SSR solution, our role is solely to provide information so that the client can make their decision.

Our business model eliminates the time and expense of traveling to China, allowing clients to ensure that the information they receive is guaranteed.

Because it is a special stock product, we cannot provide a guarantee, we can only act as an intermediary between the factory and the client in order to verify and inspect the products. Therefore, all we can guarantee is that the product is consistent with the photos we provide according to the customer’s inspection needs.


We will solve all your doubts

Are you looking for a business opportunity? Are you looking for low-priced products? We provide stock information of manufacturers in China, their inventory liquidations and final products.

We organize ourselves according to the auction sale information provided by the factories with which we have commercial alliances in China. We post the information on our official website for our customers to see. If HABK customers have needs for any batch of merchandise, they can also contact our company executive for information, and we will tell customers before we post the official website.

When customers are interested in certain merchandise lot information, they can contact our executives, so that we can help them fill in the SSR demand request form. We carry out a detailed verification with the batch of merchandise in auctions, after verification, we organize the data confirmed by HABK and send it to the client.

Once we have the final confirmation of what the client requests, he will contact a HABK executive to help him complete the SSR purchase order, under the terms and conditions of our company. Upon receipt of the purchase order, the loading data of the batch of goods will be recorded and the shipment will be arranged according to the logistics requirements.

After confirming the merchandise order, we will take a detailed photo and video record of the product batch and send it to the customer. The client evaluates the information provided by our company and if he agrees with the data, the payment is just generated. When the products arrive at the customer’s warehouse, we will send a HABK executive to compare the data sent by us. With the review report signed by the client, HABK’s responsibility ends.


HABK guarantees that the products will arrive in a timely manner at the client's offices, respecting the contractual conditions.


We are a dynamic company, therefore we adapt to the requirements of the clients in any of our solutions, the client only pays for the product, we take care of the rest.


We look for the best cost/benefit option according to the specifications given by the client, and we get involved in the entire logistics process, optimizing its processes.