With business globalization, many merchants especially small businesses find opportunities for various projects of different sizes and many production companies with economic capacity have the need to find projects for their production.

Due to various conditions of form and security of payment, they cannot carry out project operations and both parties lose the opportunity to have benefits. Therefore HABK offers the SSP solution, to guarantee the commercial agreement of the manufacturer and our client, under the SSP TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Client sectorization
  • If the HABK client has been favored with a project, tender or has a purchase order and does not have the economic capacity to complete its execution, based on the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SSP, we offer the client advice for the success of their project. . Under the evaluation of our administrative area and our commercial partner, we support our client with their commercial needs.

SSP Communication

To best support our clients, they will need to communicate project details and requirements to our business executives. Our main business is to provide alternatives based on reducing your costs reflected in your products and giving advice on imports. We do not participate in the financing business with the client, only the corresponding guarantees in the commercial transaction.

Our company’s purpose is to help customers optimize their supply chains. Therefore, after we confirm the feasibility of the project, the respective purchase order must be completed according to the required goods.


We will solve all your doubts

Do you have a commercial project in mind, a tender or purchase order, and you do not have the financial capacity to complete the execution, contact us and we will offer you multiple solutions and advice for the success of your project.

When the client has a reliable project demand, the client must submit the project information to get assistance by HABK, upon receiving the request from the client, the HABK executive will contact the client to complete the information required under the SSP Terms and Conditions , and help the client fill out the SSP application form.

Upon receiving the SSP request, HABK begins the evaluation process with our administrative area, analyzing the project and evaluating the risk, sending the report to the factory to confirm its interest and reach a satisfactory solution to the customer’s requirement.

At the end of the evaluation process, HABK will send an SSP response on the requested requirement of our client. The client will review the response and notify the executive assigned by HABK of their decision to generate the SSP contract.

HABK and the client must be clear about the agreement, conditions and responsibilities of both parties, according to the signed contract. After signing the contract, the client has the obligation to generate an SSP purchase order, to support the commercial transaction.


HABK guarantees that the products will arrive in a timely manner at the client's offices, respecting the contractual conditions.


We are a dynamic company, therefore we adapt to the requirements of the clients in any of our solutions, the client only pays for the product, we take care of the rest.


We look for the best cost/benefit option according to the specifications given by the client, and we get involved in the entire logistics process, optimizing its processes.