With the development of the Internet, more and more entrepreneurs choose to develop their business goals online. Most small and midsize businesses can’t sustain both their operational teams and inventory reserves, so they end up buying high and selling high.

Therefore, we provide stock merchandise support, offering cost reduction, innovative products and professional operational support.

According to the customer’s sales plan and needs, we give priority to helping them become competitive in the online sales market.

Client sectorization
  • Provide solutions for small and medium online stores, providing all support services such as inventory, warehouse, delivery, etc., according to the customer’s sales needs.


Since the client has signed the SSO CONTRACT, according to the amount and product mentioned in the contract, the client can request to replace the stock and also request an exit from stock.

Once your request is received, HABK has 3 business days to respond with the cost of the lot and arrival time, if the client confirms the order, he must sign it and send it back to HABK to start restocking. When the requested product arrives from the client, HABK inspects the lot and we will send an arrival confirmation with a client stock update.

If the client achieves a sale, he has to pay the cost of the sale, of the amount mentioned in each lot of the SSO PURCHASE ORDER to carry out the exit order. After making the agreed payment, he will send the mobility to pick up at our central warehouse or ask us to contact the mobility and send it to the address that the client requests, the client will bear the cost of transportation.


We will solve all your doubts

If you are an SME and you offer your products and use the WEB as a showcase for your products, we offer you all the support services such as: inventory, warehouse, delivery, we adapt to your needs.

The client presents the sales plan or operation data, indicating the need for support that he wishes, as well as the stock reservation and the time with the goal of the amount that he wishes to operate. The person in charge of the area makes the evaluation on the report of your sales plan, time, quantity of merchandise stock. After approval, the SSO request report will be filled out with the requested data in order to send it to our central office in China.

After the authorization from the Chinese headquarters, and according to the inventory cycle in the SSO request, we carry out adjustment and costing, and then send the requested product cost estimate in your SSO request. The HABK executive confirms with the client according to the cycle time and the amount of reservation in the budget.

After the client confirms the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contract, the signature is carried out. Once completed it will be sent to China HQ for comment/review. Finally, the commercial plan will be advanced according to the data stipulated in it.

After placing the product in the warehouse, our executive will notify the client to confirm the arrival of stock. The client will pay according to each shipment, in case the inventory is insufficient and must be replenished, if the constant quantity of the product does not exceed the approved quantity, it will be carried out according to the SSO purchase order process.


HABK guarantees that the products will arrive in a timely manner at the client's offices, respecting the contractual conditions.

overall operation

We are a dynamic company, therefore we adapt to the requirements of the clients in any of our solutions, the client only pays for the product, we take care of the rest.

Costs control

We look for the best cost/benefit option according to the specifications given by the client, and we get involved in the entire logistics process, optimizing its processes.