An independent brand is the basic guarantee for sustainable business development and the cornerstone of business growth. The establishment and development of a brand must be based on the supply of high quality products and perfect after-sales control.

For most small and medium-sized businesses, it is very important to do a good job in all aspects, since you may lose competitiveness in the market, due to a substantial increase in costs. In response to market problems in this regard, our company provides brand development support solutions to operate supply chain and quality assurance for customers, so that customers only need to focus on developing their own brand, marketing, sales and we will be responsible for product quality control, after-sales warranty, operation and maintenance.

We provide guaranteed brand support so that the client can grow within their market and sector.

  • If the client is a wholesale distributor who has frequent high-volume sales, we offer a production, quality and guarantee support solution that will allow the client to create their own brand and be more competitive in the market.
Brand representative
  • If the client already has experience being a representative of a brand, we offer the solution so that the client can create their own brand and make sales with their own brand following the requested technical specifications, also providing a solution so that they can provide guarantee and support. required of the product.


As a major global industrial producer, China has a strong cost advantage in production and supply.

Most of the major international brands in the world work with OEM factories in China. We carry out OEM qualification review and product supply cost negotiation according to the standards of customer’s product quality requirements to ensure that they have better cost advantages under the premise of product quality standards. , and we provide general business operations for clients in all aspects.

We will focus on cost control, allowing you to plan and organize replenishment inventory according to our budget and visualize the general and operational supply.


We will solve all your doubts

If you are already a wholesale distributor or a brand representative, we contact the best OEM product factories in China, where the priority is quality and price so that you can enhance your brand, we offer you full support both in production, quality and guarantees.

The client must submit the technical specifications with a sample of the product and must define the type of solution and guarantee required, so that our executives can help fill out the SSM form and send it to our headquarters in China.

At our headquarters in China, the formats and samples are received to start the factory qualification contest that matches the needs of our client and thus send the qualified factories to make their own samples to compare with the client’s sample. Qualified samples will be sent to the customer for selection and approval.

After the client confirms the quote, quality and guarantee and support clauses. Our executives will generate the client’s final order to send to the legal area and formalize the contract.

According to the contract, an executive will be assigned to support compliance with its clauses. About the client’s product, we will maintain an additional stock, for any type of product change situation.


HABK guarantees that the products will arrive in a timely manner at the client's offices, respecting the contractual conditions.


We are a dynamic company, therefore we adapt to the requirements of the clients in any of our solutions, the client only pays for the product, we take care of the rest.


We look for the best cost/benefit option according to the specifications given by the client, and we get involved in the entire logistics process, optimizing its processes.