China, being the main supplier of products in the world, there are many local companies with the need to obtain import solutions with Chinese companies, that is why there are many companies that exclusively import products from China, these companies have obstacles in terms of Due to cost efficiency, time and quality, due to differences in culture, language and distance, which generate higher costs and in many cases end up negotiating with Chinese exporting companies instead of with the factory, a large percentage of these situations are due to the purchases through Chinese wholesale websites.

We solve all of the above, thanks to the fact that we have our main office in China, in this way we carry out commercial processes and negotiate directly with factories, achieving a unique efficiency solution, providing a guarantee in all our services for our clients.

Distributor or Wholesaler
  • If the client is a distributor or wholesaler, having limited knowledge about the import process and also about internal Chinese trade. Based on the client’s product and category needs, we provide an integrated solution in the import process, so that our clients have an easier way to start their import operations for local sale.
raw material manufacturer
  • If the client is a national manufacturer, we provide an import solution to obtain the necessary raw material and/or machines. This is how efficiency in costs and production is sought, achieving a more competitive final product.
Importing company
  • If the client is an importing company and has its complete import and logistics system, we offer a mix of more competitive products in terms of cost and quality, tailored to what the client requests.

Logistics Solution

Our logistics solution is an added value of the services part, we will not make extra charges with the intention of helping the client in their efficiency by adjusting costs and having an approximate rate so that the client can compare with their logistics operator. That is why the client can request the logistics operation from a third party and we will work together.

Based on the client’s needs, we filter the rates with different shipping companies and with a nearby file for cost comparison, so we proceed to send the quote to the client for review. If the client generates his reservation with a third party, he must send the detailed data of his reservation so that we can make the connection with the third party.

Frequent questions

We will solve all your doubts

If you are already an importer or you are thinking of starting to import both finished products and raw materials, we give you the perfect solution so that you can get the product you want at the most competitive cost in the market.

It refers to the fact that our executives classify the detailed requirements of our clients, if the client is not clear about their needs, we take care of carrying out an accompaniment to define their needs. When the client manages to define their purchase needs, they proceed to fill out the quote request form and send it to our headquarters in China.

From our headquarters in China we receive the quotation request form where we carry out an exhaustive filtering through contests to attract the best factories according to the client’s needs. In 3 business days after the aforementioned, we will obtain a response to the quote request, so the client can review it in detail.

After having reviewed the first quote, the client will give an answer giving his approval or otherwise, he does not approve it, he must inform him to proceed to a renegotiation proposing costs. A negotiation executive will be sent from the central headquarters in China to propose the aforementioned in order to obtain a response.

If an agreement is reached, a final quote is made; If the factory does not accept, the quotation is filed and an analysis of factories that can meet the client’s needs is carried out. Once the quote is approved, the client must generate a purchase order to initiate the purchase process. This will be done after the previously agreed payment.


HABK guarantees that the products will arrive in a timely manner at the client's offices, respecting the contractual conditions.

overall operation

We are a dynamic company, therefore we adapt to the requirements of the clients in any of our solutions, the client only pays for the product, we take care of the rest.

Costs control

We look for the best cost/benefit option according to the specifications given by the client, and we get involved in the entire logistics process, optimizing its processes.